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Hacking Route: The Beeleigh Route - 1 hr

This horse riding hacking route should take you about 1 hour with steady trots and the occasional canter.

Leave Limebrook by the front gate and cross the A414. 
The hack proceeds up the hill (bridleway) and through the woods at the top -  these can get muddy

Once through the woods, carry on down the track passing the caravan site on your left and eventually coming to the road.

At the road turn right (caution - the turn is almost blind to oncoming traffic).

Stay on this road until you come to a T junction on your left signposted Beeleigh. You will go around several 'S' bends and climb a steep hill towards the junction.

At the T junction turn left and continue down hill until the next left turn
- on this horse riding hack some good views across Maldon and Langford can be had from here

At the next T junction, turn left and continue along the road. The fields on both sides are private, but the farmer does not object to cantering if there is stubble.

At the next T junction, turn left and continue along the road.

You will come to another junction with a small piece of green in the middle of it. Turn Left once more and you will start heading home

The road goes fairly steeply down hill and then rises up again to the junction opposite the bridleway home. The uphill verge is normally good for a short and steady canter

At the junction, cross the road onto the bridleway and retrace your steps through the woods back to the farm and the end of the hacking route.

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