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Limebrook Uncovered!

In July 2006 'Our Hayley' went on a 4 week overseas Team Challenge expedition for 15 to 18 year olds.   She had to raise 3,000 to go on the trip, and much of the fundraising was done at Limebrook. 

Team Challenge is a powerful 15-20 month team building and skills development programme which culminates in a challenging four-week expedition to an exciting worldwide destination that includes rewarding project work, trekking and cultural adventure.

Hayley's trip was to Brazil, and during her stay she carried out a community based project in a local school or orphanage. 

Limebrook With a Difference!

At the end of 2005 there was a chance to see Limebrook staff and friends as you had NEVER seen them before. 

In the aid of charity, and to raise money for Haley's expedition, the staff had been persuaded to dress down for the occasion, and wear fewer clothes than normal when working around the yard (or at least whilst posing for their shots!)

Limebrook Uncovered had something in it for everyone - we were not sexist and to prove it we had the owner of the riding stables, farrier and a popular male livery baring (not quite) all to even up the sexes!  There were horses galore, and a few dogs too! 

In case you missed it here are the photos - we hope you will appreciate the bravery shown by the participants in posing for the camera!

Marathon Ride!

Apart from seeing her friends in an entirely different light, on the 24th October Hayley rode for a total of eight and a half hours on a total number of 16 horses!  She rode 14 horses for half an hour, and 2 horses for three quarters of an hour!  When she finished she felt as though she was still on a horse!

Hayley was sponsored for the ride, and was pledged a total of 550 which gave her a good start in raising money for her trip. 
Barn Dance

Hayley also organised a Barn Dance at Limebrook, and a great time was had by all - this time with clothes on!

Everyone was pleased to see Hayley return safe and well.  Life will seem a bit duller without her fund raising ventures!
Hayley completed the challenge to raise the money, and in 2006 went to Brazil.  You can read her story by clicking here.
Great fun and a lot of laughs were had making the Limebrook Uncovered 2006 calendar.  It was a cold winter's day when these pictures were taken, so all credit due to the people who posed so that Hayley could raise money for charity.  Good, clean family fun - and we promise no animals were hurt or made to feel ridiculous during the making of this calendar (although they did look a bit surprised at some of the antics that the humans were getting up to!).