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This is about 1 1/2  hours and is worth doing as it's the route to further travels.

Leave Limebrook via the back gate and you can canter the length of the track until it reaches the tarmac section at the top.

Continue until you reach the road (be careful going either side of the gate at the end)

Turn left

Continue along Lodge Road passing the 'Newfield' and the 'Livery field' on your left

Take the right hand fork in the road and continue over the hill until you reach Hazeleigh crossroads. 
- Be aware that the down hill bits of the road are quite slippery even when dry.

Go straight across the crossroads (actually right then left) passing Hazeleigh Garage on your left.

Follow this along until you reach Chimney Pot Lane on your left.  If you don't fancy the pub turn left.

Continue until you reach another crossroads and turn left.

You will cross some red tarmac (speed limit signs) and then come into Cock Clarks village.

The Fox and Hounds pub on your left is horse friendly and hosts the hunt several times a year (Snoopy loved their hanging baskets in the summer)

After the pub, the road splits and you should go left

A few hundred yards along here you will meet the other end of Chimney Pot Lane on your left.

Continue along Birchwood Road and you will pass a large wood on your left. This is private property, but we have ventured through it in the past.

Carry out along the road and you will reach the end of lodge lane, you can either turn left and follow lodge lane back to the purleigh road or continue down the hill and through Purleigh village.

If you continue into Purleigh:-

When you reach the centre of the village (old telephone exchange on Left) follow the road around to the left and you will pass the school.

The road then rejoins the main Purleigh road, continue left/straight on at the junction

Lodge Lane riders turn left at the end of lodge lane and rejoin here :-

When you reach the Queens Head pub, you can either turn back down the track you came out of and then enjoy a long canter back up spa hill and down the side of Hazeleigh woods


Follow the road along past several farms and the Edgewood vets, you will come to Hazeleigh crossroads. Turn Right and follow this back past the livery field back to the farm
- be aware that the down hill bits of the road are quite slippery even when dry.

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Hacking Route: Cock Clarks - 1 hours