Turn right into Capons lane and continue along until it meets Gay Bowers lane. You will pass the top edge of the common on your left, but there is little point riding on it as you can not get anywhere.

Once you reach the junction with Gay Bowers lane, turn right and continue for a couple of hundred yards. You will see a bridleway sign to your left and an entrance protected against vehicles by several green posts.

Join the bridleway and follow it into the common - be aware that there are a few steep hills and drops either side of the track so keep your wits about you.

This bridleway runs all the way across the common and ends up meeting the Bicknacre road at the southern edge of the common. There are several possible canter points, but we will leave these to your judgement.

When you reach the end of the bridleway (houses and road in front of you). Turn left along the verge when you will see a track and follow this along until you meet a pair of bridleway signs.

At this point (which is the entrance to the common car park) take the bridleway in front of you, do not go up into the car park.

After a short distance, this opens up onto some proper common land where you should be able to get a canter in.

Follow this track until it meets the road. This is the other end of Gay Bowers Lane, turn right on reaching the road and follow until you reach a T junction with the Bicknacre Road.

Turn left onto the Bicknacre road and follow it up hill passing 'Kelly’s Turkeys' on your left.
This road can be quite fast and busy - be very wary of buses, they tend to try and use all of the road

Look for a junction to your right (Moor Hall Lane) and turn right into it.  Follow this along and you will pass some interesting properties including The Home of St.Giles and it's associated burial ground. This is now a home for the handicapped but local history tells that it used to be a retirement home and final resting place for nuns returning from caring for the sick in Africa and Asia.

Enough of the history, back to the hacking!

At the end of Moor Hall Lane, turn left onto Priory Road and once you have passed Barbrook Way on your right,  look for a bridleway sign between the houses. Turn right into the bridleway, which is a nice grassy track that runs across the housing estate.

You will cross two roads and then come out into a gravel parking area.

Follow your nose out of the parking area and onto the roadway (sort of straight on)

You will once again find yourself in the middle of a housing estate. This must be one of the few estates in Essex that has several bridleways running across it. Mind you it does mean that the locals don't get too upset when they see horses passing their front doors.

Back on the road, go straight across into Brockenhurst Way

After three houses, you will find a left turn into Lyndhurst Way, turn left !

At the end of Lyndhurst Way, turn right and you will reach a T junction onto the main road.

Turn right at this junction and then look for a track on the left. This track will take you into Thrift Wood.

Continue along the track until you reach the cross roads (cross tracks?)

If you are feeling slightly mad and want to suffer another couple of hours you could go straight across at these crossroads and pick up the Flambards route.

At the crossroads, turn left and you now have the delights of a long track with a gentle uphill gradient to canter.

At the top of the track carefully turn right back into Slough Lane and follow this back across to the Cock Clarks road.

You now have the choice of turning right into Cock Clarks and visiting the Fox and Hounds pub, or continuing straight back to Hazeleigh cross roads where you can cross straight over the Purleigh road and retrace your steps over the hill and back past the livery field back to the farm.
- Be aware that bits of the road are very slippery even when dry.

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Hacking Route: Danbury Common and Bicknacre
- 3 hours

This route should take around 3 hours depending on the ground conditions and pub stops. It could be combined with several other of the back routes to give you four or five hours in the saddle.

Leave Limebrook by the front gate and cross the A414

Proceed up the hill (bridleway) and through the woods at the top - These can get muddy

Once through the woods, carry on down the track passing the caravan site on your left and eventually coming to the road.

At the road turn left
(caution - the turn is almost blind to oncoming traffic)

Continue along the road until you reach a cross roads, carry straight on up the hill.  You can achieve a short canter on the grass verge to the left providing the hedge has not grown too much.

At the T junction (Warren Golf Club opposite you) turn left and continue along until you reach the Anchor pub. The pub is horse friendly and if you fancy a quick drink, this is as good a place as any!

Leaving the pub behind you, continue until the end of the road (left bend then T junction). You now need to cross the A414 into Hyde Lane which is just to your left.
(Exercise caution as the road can be busy).

Once in Hyde lane continue along through the houses and the road will narrow to a single lane - beware of oncoming traffic.  After about ten minutes (Bert's walk) you should reach Capons lane on your right.