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Riding Disciplines

Walking and trotting your pony or horse in a circle, changing the rein and making transitions from and to halt, walk, trot and canter are all parts of dressage movements.

Flat work is the basis of all riding disciplines - you need to be able to steer and control your horse before you can point him towards a jump.  And more advanced flatwork, moving him to one side with your leg (leg yielding) or asking him to take a step or two back is very useful for hacking when you're trying to open a gate. 
Rider completing a dressage test
Rider completing a Dressage Text
Horse Jumping
Show Jumping
Once you have mastered the art of riding a horse at walk, trot and canter there are a number of different riding disciplines which you may wish to specialise in.

The main riding disciplines are Dressage, Jumping and Cross Country.  There are also Polo, Endurance Riding, and newer disciplines such as Horseball.
Almost as soon as you start riding you will be doing flatwork which is basically starting out on your first dressage moves.