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Hacking Route:  Flambards - 2 1/2hours

This is about 2 1/2 hours depending on the pub. It does include a couple of good gallops if the ground is good and a couple of gates which you need to open and close.

Leave Limebrook via the back gate and you can canter the length of the track until it reaches the tarmac section at the top.

Continue until you reach the road (be careful going either side of the gate at the end)

Turn left

Continue along Lodge Road passing the 'New field' and the 'Livery field' on your left

Take the right hand fork in the road and continue over the hill until you reach Hazeleigh crossroads.  - Be aware that the down hill bits of the road are quite slippery even when dry.

Go straight across the crossroads (actually right then left) passing Hazeleigh Garage on your left.

Follow this along until you reach Chimney Pot Lane on your left.  If you don’t fancy the pub turn left.

Continue until you reach another crossroads and cross the Cock Clarks road into Slough Lane.

At the end of Slough lane, you will arrive at a T junction on a sharp bend. This is the Oak Corner to Bicknacre Road and can be quite busy.

Turn left and almost immediately take the wide track on your left (before you pass the first house)

This track is about ˝ mile long and slopes gently down hill. The first section can be a bit sticky if it’s been wet, but the second half is firm and always good for a gentle downhill canter.

You will come to a crossroads in the middle of the woods, go straight on with care as the track stops after about 200 yards at the edge of the road.

Turn left and continue until the edge of the wood.

Follow the track on your right, to the left of the ditch and you will find several miles of grass track with a few bends in it. - Gallop time !!.

You will have to stop and open and close a couple of gates (or jump them) so keep a careful eye open for them.

After the gallop you will eventually get to the road. This is Crows Lane.  You meet the road on a bend and you want to go straight on (sort of left) down the road.
After several hundred yards you reach a crossroads. Turn left

You will now pass through Flambards Farm and should continue along this track until you reach a left turn with a bridleway joining from the right and a right turn with a bridleway straight on.

It is possible to follow the bridleway which ends in the “Beeleigh ride start field”. However the contents of the field vary and you could end up in the field with young or old horses or even cattle.

The safest option is to stay with the track and follow it until it meets the road.

Turn left and you will pass corporation farm on your right and the Beeleigh field on your left.

Follow this road back into Cock Clarks village and you will find the Fox and Hounds pub - worth a stop.

Upon leaving the pub,  I would suggest that you leave the village with the pub on your left hand side and take the left fork in the road.

You will find Chimney Pot Lane on your left, turn left.

At the end of Chimney Pot Lane turn right and follow the road until you reach the now infamous Hazeleigh crossroads.

Go straight across and follow this back past the livery field back to the farm.
- Be aware that the down hill bits of the road are quite slippery even when dry.