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Where was that???

Ever been slightly lost by some of the names used at Limebrook?  Well, here is a list of the places and areas around the Yard, and where they actually are!

New School.  NOT the shiny new indoor school, but the smaller outdoor menage which has been there for many years now and does not look new at all.

Big SchoolJust what you think - the larger outdoor menage.
Horses in field

Indoor School

.  Not actually a school at all!  These are the main stables, with their own tack room.  It used to be the indoor school for Limebrook hence the name.

New Indoor

.  This is the indoor menage and favourite haunt of staff, livery, customers and horses in the bleak midwinter!

Block of Six

.  The block of six stables opposite the big school.

Under the Yard

.  The stables under the covered part of the main yard.

Chaff Machine Side

  There used to be half an old chaff machine down one side 'under the yard'.  It has recently been moved but the name will stick!

Rio's side

.  The stables down the right hand side of the yard.  (Rio, for many years before his sad death, was stabled somewhere else of course)

Woody's side

.  The stables down the left hand side of the yard.  (Woody is now in the block of six).

Top boxes

.  The 4 stables at the top of the yard, before 'Woody's side' starts

Bottom boxes

.  The 4 stables hidden away round the back of the covered part of the yard.  NB.  These boxes are said to be haunted!

If you are asked to clean the

Back Passage

don't get worried - this is the alleyway between the back of the yard and the hay barn.

Patsy Shed

Clare's feed room

Motorbike Shed

Well, years ago a motorbike was kept here, but now its where the spare electric fencing is kept!  No sign of a motorbike of course!

Lean to

The large open barn where the shavings are kept

Hay barn

  Exactly that - a hay barn!

Then there are all the fields that the horses are kept in .....

Front field

: the first field, as you come in to Limebrook on the right.

Front paddock

the field by the side of the house

Walk down the footpath to the gate where the hacks go when they go 'out the back' nd you will see on your left:

The Orchard

.  The field to the left of the footpath which has no fruit trees in it.

The Secret Garden

This used to be a hidden part of the Orchard where the 'oldies' like to gather in the peace and quiet, however now it is part of the larger orchard so doesn't exist now. 

And to your right is

The Far Field.

Go up the

'back track'

and you come to the:

Triangle field

Which does look like a triangle.

If you continue past the triangle field you get to the red gate  and you are on the road.  Turn left and go down the road to get to the

'new field

', which isn't so new now, and is also called the '

seventeen acre field'

.  Pass that and you come to the:

Livery field

.  Which is where the school horses were kept ... of course!

And finally ...

Round the back

.  Particularly used when Limebrook was a riding school and meant that the person you wished to find was not teaching, but could be almost anywhere else!

And if someone says they are going

behind the muck heap

it is only so their horse can get a bit of grass - very popular place in the winter!

So now you know!

Before you think we are all mad, remember the yard has been here since 1981, and things do change.  Unfortunately, we don't change as fast.....