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Dressing up for the Halloween Ride


More often the only ghosts and ghouls you'll see at Limebrook is on one of the Halloween Rides. 

Haunted Limebrook

But Limebrook has had a chequered history.  Before it became a riding school it was one of the largest cattle farms in Essex.  During the war it housed prisoners of war.  But no one is really sure what could haunt the yard.

It has long been known that the 'bottom boxes', nowadays the livery's feed rooms, have been haunted, and many won't venture down there alone.  However, one of the clearest supernatural sightings occurred when one of the livery owners went to get a rug after dark.

She put the light on, half picked up the rug, and caught a movement out of the corner of her eye - she turned, only to see an indistinct dark shape, about 4 foot high, rushing towards and past her.  She felt it brush past her, and then disappeared!
A member of staff recalls feeling a firm push on the back when in the boxes some time ago - when she turned no one was there!

A couple of years ago one of the stables had been used for a lunchtime quiz during an 'own a pony' day.  A ring of chairs had been left out - that evening it was found a mound of hay had been carefully placed on each of the chairs!

Horses have been heard wandering around the yard at night when all were turned out in the fields.  Staff living on the premises have come down to investigate, thinking that someone had forgotten to turn a horse out - only to find all stables were empty!

The Witch on Horseback - Halloween Ride at Limebrook
Pictures from the Halloween  Rides at Limebrook Farm
When this page first appeared on the website it brought up other stories of ghostly experiences at Limebrook.  There is supposed to be the ghost of a chestnut horse in the front field, and a donkey down the back passage (see our Limebrook glossary to find out where that is!).

On one occasion, 20 years ago, four youngsters were riding in the old indoor school.  the end of the school in those days was open to the elements and a bit scarey in the dark.  It was a weekday, and a winter night and therefore no one else was around and it was very dark. Someone had the bright idea of going for a 'midnight' hack, e.g. up to the gate and back in between the fields. However, as they tried to leave the school the ponies/ horses went a bit crazy and refused to go. After settling them down and they put them back in their stables, which at that time were under the yard.

Three of the girls were then picked up, but the fourth had to wait longer for her parents to arrive.  As she was putting the rug on her pony she heard very distinct hoof stpes down the back passage!  She was found, by her parents, cuddling her pony in fright!

None of the girls stayed on their own after dark at Limebrook after that night!
Halloween Pumpkin