As it was for livery owners - from being a bustling yard where we had to share the schools with lessons, often meaning in winter we were squeezed into riding at lunchtimes or in the evenings, we can now ride in the schools at any time we like.  The atmosphere is far more peaceful, and staff have a lot more time.  

At the time the riding school closed it had been running for 26 years.  Most of the staff learned to ride here as children.  Many of the customers who learned to ride or honed their riding skills at Limebrook went on to own horses themselves and keep them at livery at the yard.  There is a real sense of friendliness and belonging at the yard which is looked on as a home away from home for many.

Fun events used to  held throughout the year, including treasure hunts, special event days and Christmas and Halloween rides where both horses and riders are in fancy dress.  The Christmas Dance was well attended by over 60 customers, livery owners, staff and friends of the stables including the local farrier.  Now we have fewer events, but we still have a lot of fun and barbecues in the summer! 

Limebrook has a very supportive atmosphere, and new horse owners get a huge amount of help from the staff on the yard if they ask for it.  We do recognise that new horse owners need to learn like we all did, so don't offer advice until approached except in dangerous situations (we did have to intervene on one memorable occassion when a new livery owner put the saddle on backwards!).

You will see from the pages in this website the type of fun we had - we are not sure whether we will repeat the Limebrook Uncovered Calendar experience, but it gave us many laughs, and as it was for charity there were lots of volunteers. 

Although there are many long time livery owners at Limebrook, new liveries are always welcome, and soon seem to fit in and seem like they've always been there. 

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About Limebrook Farm Livery Yard

Limebrook Farm Riding School and Livery Yard was established in 1981 and is still run as a family business. 

I expect if we asked the horses about the closure of the yard they'd say they preferred having one person riding them who they've got to know, rather than having a number of different people of different riding abilities riding them each day!  So I think it was a good move for the horses!
Livery Yard

Nowadays it is just a Livery Yard, and there are no riding lessons for members of the public.  In early 2007 the riding school was an extremely busy business with a good reputation, but the owner's wife, Sherry, was diagnosed with Picts Disease.  In order to allow Alan and his daughters time to look after Sherry the riding school had to close.

Limebrook has stayed open as a livery yard - many of the riding school horses and ponies are still with us, and are enjoying life with new owners. 

Please click this link for more information on our current livery facilities:  Livery Yard

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