You will reach a small gap in the hedge / ditch on your right which will take you into the grass. Once on the grass stay to the left (keep an eye open for farm machinery in the long grass !) and kick on !!. Aim to stop by the farm yard, but if you overrun you have got plenty of space to pull up before meeting the next hedge.

Turn left through the farmyard and follow the farm drive until you see a bridleway sign on your right. This will take you straight across a field of crops, so try and stay single file.
You will meet the road on a bend. Continue straight on (right) along the road. There are some uphill stretches of verge that lend themselves to short canters.

Continue along Tofts Chase until you reach a T junction with the Little Baddow/ Hatfield Peveral Road crossing you, Turn Left (
Caution Fast Road)

A few yards on your right you will find Holybred Lane. Turn Right.

Continue until you reach Chapel Lane on your left. Turn left.

Once on Chapel Lane, continue until the road turns sharp right, then start looking for New Lodge Chase on your left.

Take New Lodge Chase, you will find several large lakes on your right which can be quite picturesque during the right times of year. You will pass a drive to New Lodge on your right and then you should approach Great Graces Farm on your left.

At Great Graces there is a long track that Limebrook use as a gallop on their three hour hacks. Go through the gates on the right of the farm and you will see the track in front of you. You can actually go for several miles, but it is strongly recommended that you go no further than the bridge around half way down as the ground is not good the other side.

Having reached the bridge, you can turn for home and gallop back to the top.


Once you have enjoyed the gallop or not done it, continue along New Lodge Chase which becomes Graces Lane. You will pass several properties, Little Graces and Good Graces both of which are on your left.

You will soon reach a junction with Riffhams Lane. Turn Left and then look in the edge of the wood on your right for an entrance onto the bridleway.

Take this entrance and follow the bridleway through Lingwood Common. This is a National Trust nature reserve, so please stick to the track. Stay on the track and you appear into a small car parking area on the side of Little Baddow Road.

Cross Little Baddow Road into Runsell Lane (
Caution Fast Road)

Follow Runsell Lane until you reach a T junction with Hopping Jacks Lane.

Turn Right (staying on Runsell Lane) and continue until you reach Runsell Green. Take care as the lane can be quite narrow and is used by a fair amount of traffic.

As you reach the end of Runsell Lane, you should see a green in front of you with a left turn towards Woodham Walter and Straight on (Right) towards the A414 at Danbury.

Turn Left and you will see the welcome sight of the Anchor pub in front of you.
After the pub, continue along the road until you return to the Warren entrance and then turn right and continue along the road, you will pass a farm shop selling apples on the left.

You will come to the cross roads you turned left at earlier

Continue straight along the road, which will soon become an 'S' bend

After the S bend, the road widens and some good hard trotting can be had on the hilly sections. If there is stubble in the fields left or right, these can be cantered upon.

You will see a 'Slow Children' sign on your left. It's a good idea to slow as it tends to stop the dogs from barking at the caravan site which will be on your right.

Just past the caravan site you will see a rather familiar bridleway on the right hand side

Cross the road onto the bridleway and retrace your steps through the woods back to the farm.
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Hacking Route: Little London and onto Little Baddow 3 - 4 hours

This route can incorporate two of the Limebrook favourites (Little London and Great Graces), but both are optional. It should take about 3 to 4 hours depending on stops and gallops.

Leave Limebrook by the front gate and cross the A414

Proceed up the hill (bridleway) and through the woods at the top - These can get muddy

Once through the woods, carry on down the track passing the caravan site on your left and eventually coming to the road.

At the road go straight across into the lane
(caution - the crossing is almost blind to oncoming traffic)

The road goes fairly steeply down hill and then rises up again to a junction with a small piece of green in the middle of it. Continue straight on and you will soon pass 'The Cats' public house on your right.

You will reach a staggered cross roads with the main Woodham Walter to Ulting Road passing left to right. Go straight across (sort of left then right) into West Bowers Road.

Now you reach the first of the options, a right turn into little London Lane (about fifty yards on your right) will allow you to have a canter around the headlands of the fields and then a good gallop up the edge of the airstrip at Little London Farm. Should you decide this is not for you then continue along West Bowers Road and keep bearing right. After a mile or so you will reach the top of the driveway for Little London Rarm and as you continue, the road will swing right and then left and you will rejoin the route.

If you have chosen to ride Little London, follow Little London Lane until it becomes a stony downhill track. Continue along it and it will level out allowing for a gentle canter (
This can get quite wet in winter !!) You will reach a point when the track goes left through a gap in the hedge. Stay with the track

You now have two sides of a large field to canter, take care to avoid any holes along the edges. As you come along the second side, you will see the grassy area of the airstrip on your right.