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Livery at Limebrook Farm

Situated off the A414 just outside Maldon Limebrook Farm is a friendly livery yard with access to some beautiful parts of the Essex countryside. 

Summary of
Livery Facilities:

A stable which you can personalise
2 floodlit outdoor menages
1 indoor menage
Jumps and poles for your use
Visiting farrier, vet, dentist and saddle fitter
Secure tack room
Good hacking
Warm, friendly welcome to both children and adults

Current Cost:
100 per week  Ring 07542 170419 for more details

Large Outdoor Menage
The large outdoor menage
Indoor School
The Indoor School
We welcome both children and adults to Limebrook, although children under 12 should have a supervising parent when they are with their horse on the yard.  Sensible children are welcome to assist staff in the daily routines to help them learn how to look after horses.
If you are looking for a livery yard in Essex why not consider Limebrook?  Individual horse stables are provided which you are free to personalise (with name signs for example), and our livery costs include all hay (hay fed ad lib), food (except for particular diets) and straw bedding.   Horses can be turned out all summer (or brought in at night if the owner wishes).  An experienced farrier visits most weeks, and we have close links with vets, dentists and saddle fitters who also visit regularly.  Grouping together for vets appointments, for example, keeps costs down, but you are welcome to use your own vet or farrier. 

If you bring your horse to livery at Limebrook Farm you can be assured he/she will be looked after to a very high standard.  A member of staff is on the premises at all times, and livery horses are in fields within sight of the main house.


Our livery stables have excellent livery facilities and horse riding facilities including three marvellous schools to ride in!  Two are floodlit outdoor menages, and the third is our showpiece - a 60m x 20m floodlit indoor school which means we can ride whatever the weather!  The indoor school is particularly good for nervous riders or young horses  as there are no distractions to spook at.   It is also dry!

Stables on the yard
We have varied horse stables of different sizes and locations suitable for the size and temperament of your horse.  Horse stables can be tailored within reason to your requirements. 

We have indoor stables where the horses are kept in well ventilated accommodation and  away from the elements.  We also have a number of stables facing onto the yard which were recently given new fronts.  All stables have automatic waterers. 
Once you are allocated a stable at Limebrook you can furnish it as you wish.  Some of our stables have haybars, and some rubber matting.  These can be arranged and fitted for you if you wish.
horse riding facilities - indoor stables
Indoor stables
livery facilities - secure tack room
One of our locked tack rooms
Horsewalker at Limebrook
Horse Walker
You can personalise your stable with matting and haybar if you wish
livery facilities - haybar


We have  two tack rooms which are locked and alarmed at night for secure storage of tack.  Horse riding facilities include a range of jumps and poles.

We have a horse walker to ensure your horse is kept well exercised and horses are normally put on this daily during the winter months at the owner's request.

Fields are poo picked daily. 

We are happy to cater for individual diets and will feed up to 3 different meals a day if required, and will include all the supplements you require (these to be purchased separately by the owner).
We have horse transport to take horses and ponies to local shows and sponsored rides, and trailers.  Livery facilities includes limited space for livery owners to park their own vehicles, but please ask for more details.
Private lessons by a BHS qualified instructor are available for owners of livery horses - dressage, jumping, or just help with a young or problem horse! 
We welcome prospective liveries to come and have a look at our facilities and to discuss your horse's requirements. 
Useful information for owners of horses. Click this link to find the police guide to protecting your tack!
riding stables facilties
Limebrook staff are friendly and helpful and willing to give advice if asked. 
The Farrier visits Limebrook every week
A farrier visits weekly
horse riding facilities - horse transport
Limebrook Horse Transport