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Miniature Horses at Limebrook

Miniature Horses

One of our very special livery horses at Limebrook is Shetland X Lucy. 
39 year old Andy, one of our quietest ponies who must have thought he had seen most that life had to offer was quite bemused by them, and a little scared!  We had to be careful not to take them out of the stable whilst the ponies are in the yard!  Now it's just Lucy most are quite happy with her now. 

Despite their size these are real horses, and have the same needs and requirements as they bigger counterparts.  Although they are not shod, they need their feet attended to regularly to stop their hooves growing too long.  They need to be groomed daily, exercised, wormed and fed like all the others on the yard.

However, they do have some special needs and problems - the stable doors are far too high at Limebrook, so we had to put a board up instead so they can look over! 

Laura (pictured right) used to give the miniatures special attention, and eventually Appleby became hers and left the yard.  Appleby was Lucy's second foal, and you can see him in the top left photo below.  Please enjoy the rest of the photos of the miniatures and foals at Limebrook.

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Laura with Lucy, Lady, Ruby and Willow
Laura - just born
Lucy and Laura
Lucy and two Lauras
The two Lauras
Laura at 11 months
Laura and new foal
Appleby and Lucy
All the miniatures
Lucy and Lady
What's up?
Ruby and Willow
Over the years Lucy has had two foals, and from time to time we're had other minature horses staying here too.  Lucy also acts as 'auntie' to the other (full size) foals we have at Limebrook, being company and playing with them. 

Visitors to the yard were fascinated by the miniatures, especially children!  We were often asked, so here is the answer - yes, they are fully grown!

Lucy and the others we have kept here have individual characters, and are kept as pets and are not ridden.  Interestingly the larger horses at the yard were quite accepting of the minatures - the ponies however sometimes did not know how to take them, and are very wary!