If you choose to jump, having turned left, cross the ditch which can be deep if it has being very wet but has never been more than about 3 foot. Canter up the hill and stop before the metal gate at the top.  There is a gap on the right of the gate to allow you passage around it.

Once through the gate, there is a obvious track in front of you, keep to the left hand side of the track and look left into the pit for the jumps.  There are several accesses down to the lower level, so explore and have fun.

When you are bored with jumping, go back through the gate, down the hill and across the ditch.

Having crossed the ditch, you can then kick on for a decent length gallop back to the top of the pits.

At the top, you will find a locked gate. If you look right just before the gate, you will find a horse sized hole into the field. Then just past the gate, another horse sized hole back onto the track.

Follow the track and you will come to a wooden five bar gate which is not locked and will let you out onto the road opposite the Warren golf club.

You can now turn right and right again and hack home or go straight across the road onto the bridleway to the left of the warren entrance.

The bridleway has several good level stretches for cantering, but be aware of golfers on your right (most of them are considerate) and also walkers coming down the track. Bertie loves playing skittles with them !!.

At the end of the bridleway you will come to a gravel path, turn left and continue straight along the path until it becomes tarmac road. You can turn right into Robins wood, but that's another route.

Once on the road, continue along until you reach a T junction with a large area of green in front of you (Runsell Green)

Turn left at the junction and almost immediately on the right you will see the 'Anchor' pub. Another fine horse friendly drinking place.

After the pub, continue along the road until you return to the Warren entrance and then turn right and continue along the road, you will pass a farm shop selling apples on the left.

You will come to the cross roads you turned left at earlier

Continue straight along the road, which will soon become an 'S' bend

After the S bend, the road widens and some good hard
trotting can be had on the hilly sections. If there is stubble in the fields left or right, these can be cantered upon.

You will see a 'Slow Children' sign on your left. It's a good idea to slow as it tends to stop the dogs from barking at the caravan site which will be on your right.

Just past the caravan site you will see a rather familiar bridleway on the right hand side

Cross the road onto the bridleway and retrace your steps through the woods back to the farm.

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Hacking Route: The Pits and The Warren -
1 1/2 - 2 hours

This route should take between 1 1/2 and 2 hours depending on the going and how long you spend jumping and drinking.

Leave Limebrook by the front gate and cross the A414

Proceed up the hill (bridleway) and through the woods at the top -  these can get muddy

Once through the woods, carry on down the track passing the caravan site on your left and eventually coming to the road.

At the road turn left
(caution - the turn is almost blind to oncoming traffic)

Continue along the road until you reach a cross roads.

At the cross roads turn left and follow the road down the hill and around an 'S' bend.  On the second part of the 'S', there is a track leading down the edge of the field on your right hand side.

Take the track!

This track, in common with the whole of the pits, is not a bridleway, but it has been ridden for many years - it does get muddy in winter.

At the end of the track you will see an entrance in the woods. Continue straight into the woods on the line of the track and you will pick up another track with a ditch on your left.

This track may or may not have several small jumps on it, most of which are jumpable but be wary of the ground.  It can be slippy if wet.

The track will come to a T junction with a larger track, you then have several choices.

A) turn left, crossing the ditch and then do the jumps in the pits

B) turn right and gallop to the top of the track.

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