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This route is unfortunately all road work, but can be useful in the winter. It should take about 1 to 1 1/2 hours.

Leave Limebrook by the front gate and cross the A414.

Proceed up the hill (bridleway) and through the woods at the top - these can get muddy.

Once through the woods, carry on down the track passing the caravan site on your left and eventually coming to the road.

At the road go straight across into the lane
(caution - the crossing is almost blind to oncoming traffic)

The road goes fairly steeply down hill and then rises up again to a junction with a small piece of green in the middle of it. Continue straight on and you will soon pass 'The Cats' public house on your right.

Continue straight along the road, which will soon become an 'S' bend. (Those who came from the church need to turn left at the cross roads!)

After the S bend, the road widens and some good hard trotting can be had on the hilly sections. If there is stubble in the fields left or right, these can be cantered upon.

You will see a 'Slow Children' sign on your left.  It's a good idea to slow as it tends to stop the dogs from barking at the caravan site which will be on your right.

Just past the caravan site you will see a rather familiar bridleway on the right hand side

Cross the road onto the bridleway and retrace your steps through the woods back to the farm.

Continue following the road until you reach a T junction with the main Woodham Walter - Ulting Road. At this junction turn left and head through Woodham Walter village.

Once in the village, there are several pubs which are horse friendly, the 'Queen Victoria' and the 'Bell'.  Continue on the road until you reach the church.

At the church you have two options,
you can turn left and cut off about 1 mile of hack or carry on up the hill.

If you turn left, continue down the road and this route will collect you soon.

So ... you fancied the longer route.  Continue up the hill, you will pass several large properties on the left and right and eventually reach a junction with the entrance to 'The Warren golf club' on the right.  Turn left and continue along the road, you will pass a farm shop selling apples on the left.

You will come to a cross roads, which is where the lazy ones who turned left at the church will appear.

Hacking Route: Woodham Walter Loop -
1 to 1 1/2 hours